Presenting the Best Programs and Various Special Events, Top iNews in 2021

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Being an extraordinary achievement at the end of 2021, iNews audience share is increasing rapidly. Through the prestigious football event in Southeast Asia, the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 which will take place throughout December 2021, brings iNews to become the best sports and information TV station in Indonesia (among news television).

iNews broadcasts the full soccer tournament, AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 with a series of 26 matches from the group stage to the final, which is eagerly awaited by loyal Garuda Squad supporters from all over the country.

The enthusiasm of the public to watch and support the struggle of the Indonesian pride team in every match until it managed to advance to the top of the 2020 AFF Cup against Thailand, was greeted by iNews by consistently presenting the best matches in each phase, thereby successfully increasing iNews audience coverage to 3.59 percent ( Audience Share - Week 2151-2152, Upper Middle 20+, 11 Cities), shot ahead of other news television competitors. Even iNews' audience share had penetrated 17.7 percent (AFF Cup 2020 match, Thailand vs Vietnam), and the highest daily share was 6.62 percent (December 25, 2021).

“Thank you to the viewers who have given their appreciation by watching and with iNews, both during sporting events and other regular iNews programs. We have a commitment going forward, to provide quality information and sports broadcasts, so that it can become a TV station that is loved by Indonesian television viewers," said Director of Programming and Production of iNews, M. Choiril Alam.

Of course, through this achievement, it motivates MNC Media's TV performance to be consistent in presenting the best series of programs such as iNews Pagi, iNews Siang, iNews Sore to iNews Malam, Morning Update, iNews Room, New Top Files, iNews Prime, Hotman Paris. Show, Chat with Gus Miftah, Cahaya Hati Indonesia, and various special events.

iNews performance improvement will continue to be maintained, supported by a series of the best new programs and various quality sporting events that will accompany its loyal audience. Kroscek will be present as a new informative entertainment offering, every Monday & Tuesday, night. There will also be iNews Files Monday-Friday in the afternoon and Total Boxing ready to accompany Saturday & Sunday mornings for world boxing lovers. Various quality sporting events will be broadcast throughout 2022, which will quench the thirst of sports lovers across the country.

And supported by the largest number of transmissions throughout Indonesia, iNews is ready to commit to maintaining and increasing the trust of the public who have trusted iNews, the number one information and sports TV station in Indonesia (among news television).