iNews Ranks One for the 2022 Sahur Program

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Audience share iNews in the month of Ramadan managed to be the best for the sahur program. The series of programs to welcome the holy month of Ramadan have been presented by iNews with the theme Inspiring Ramadan and have managed to again achieve a high number of audience shares.

Through the Suhoor programs “Islam is Easy” and “OMG Ramadan”, iNews achieved an audience share of 2.04 percent (Audience Share – Week 2214 (4 April 2022), Upper Middle 20+, 11 Cities). This figure is the highest achievement compared to other TV News.

The enthusiasm of the public to watch Ramadan programs on iNews is also complemented by a variety of special programs that are expected to be an inspiration throughout Ramadan for all Muslims.

Ahead of breaking the fast, the program "Ramadan Kultum with Buya Yahya" is ready to accompany every day during Ramadan. Not only that, "Light of the Heart of Indonesia: Tribute to Ulama", every Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 WIB which presents inspiration from the figures of great scholars, namely Zainuddin MZ, Habib Munzir Al-Musawa, Arifin Ilham, Buya Hamka, and Jefri Al Bukhori . "OMG Ramadan" is also present every day at 20.00 WIB. And the Special Ramadan Movie comes with inspiring Indonesian Islamic films, namely "When Love Is Exalting", "When Love is Exalting 2", "In the Mihrab of Love", "Last Sorry Words", "Threatening Prayers", every Sunday at 22.00 WIB.

“Thank you to the viewers who have given their appreciation by watching and with iNews, both during Ramadan and other regular iNews programs. We have a commitment going forward, to provide quality inspirational shows, so that it can become a TV station that is loved by Indonesian television viewers," said Director of Programming and Production of iNews, M. Choiril Alam.

Of course, through this achievement, it motivates MNC Media's TV performance to be consistent in presenting the best series of programs such as iNews Pagi, iNews Afternoon, iNews Sore to iNews Malam, Morning Update, Report Police!, iNews Files, iNews Room, New Top Files, iNews Prime, Cross Check!, and various special events.

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