Indonesia Award 2022 : Strengthening Fundamentals for Sustainable Economic Recovery

Wednesday, 26 October 2022

  The iNews Television Station again held the Indonesia Awards 2022, Wednesday, October 26, 2022. An award ceremony given to figures of national and regional public leaders. In addition, awards are also given to government and non-government institutions, as well as organizations for their innovation, dedication and consistency in developing the country.

Carrying the theme "Strengthening Fundamentals for Sustainable Economic Recovery", the Indonesia Awards 2022 has three meanings. First, as an appreciation of the superior work shown by national and regional public figures to build strong fundamentals for economic recovery. Second, to promote exemplary leadership character, so that it can inspire all parties involved in economic recovery efforts. And the last meaning is to inspire public policy best practices that have a significant impact on national and regional economic recovery.

In its sixth year of implementation, the highlight of the 2022 Indonesia Awards was held at the Jakarta Concert Hall, iNews Tower Building, 14th Floor. This year, awards were given to 34 national figures, regional heads at the provincial, city/district levels, and companies. The Indonesia Awards 2022 are divided into 9 award categories, namely: Outstanding Public Official Leaders, Outstanding Young Professional Figures, Outstanding Social Figures, Outstanding SMES Development CSR Initiatives, Digital Transformation, Bureaucratic Reform, Driving Investment Growth, Green and Blue Economy, and Synergetic Stakeholder Partnership.