iNews Lubuk Linggau | 53 UHF


iNews Lubuk Linggau broadcasts in Lubuk Linggau and surrounding areas using channel 53 UHF. iNews Lubuk Linggau will be a television station that offers news and information programs that are fast, accurate, informative, educational and inspiring. With the content of national programs as well as local content in its programs, iNews Lubuk Linggau is optimistic that it can compete not only with local television in the Lubuk Linggau area, but also with national television. iNews Lubuk Linggau presents a variety of excellent programs from local news and information programs in Lubuk Linggau in particular and South Sumatra in general which are a complete choice for viewers to feature programs, magazines and talk shows.


Jl. Yos Sudarso No.97A, Kelurahan Jawa Kanan, Kecamatan Lubuk Linggau Timur II, Kota Lubuk Linggau, Provinsi Sumatra Selatan.